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Clinical IQ and CriticalPoint provide Sterile Compounding Resources for State Boards of Pharmacy

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Clinical IQ and CriticalPoint have developed a program of resources, called State Board Assist™ designed to deliver tools to State Boards of Pharmacy that can be used immediately to begin to train their staff to perform regulatory inspections of sterile compounding pharmacies. Inspectors and investigators can be successful once they are equipped with working knowledge and practical skills gained through immersion in the standard of practice and USP Chapter . The online training and monthly webinars are offered at no cost to state inspectors while other program components that include live training and additional inspector support programs are heavily discounted.

State Board Assist™ has been endorsed by NABP. Carmen Catizone, NABP Executive Director believes that “having access to all these resources from these two leaders in sterile compounding will best prepare State Board of Pharmacy Inspectors to knowledgeably conduct accurate and comprehensive inspections of sterile compounding pharmacies.” Mr. Catizone adds that “both ClinicalIQ and CriticalPoint have been committed to improving sterile compounding practice for many years and their prompt and generous response to the needs of the various state boards is much appreciated.”

State Board Administrators can sign up for State Board Assist™ by contacting CriticalPoint at 240.238.4352 or by email at

State Board Assist™ Program elements are as follows:

The Course in Sterile Compounding:
  • This comprehensive eLearning program is immediately available and delivers training in all aspects of sterile compounding and USP .
  • Successful completion of these lessons is a prerequisite to admission to webinars and member only network described below.
  • These 32 eLessons along with integrated lesson post tests, normally retail for $480 per person but is being offered FREE OF CHARGE to participating State Board of Pharmacy staff.
Expert Webinars:

Beginning in the Fall of 2013, these online webinars will focus on the process of inspecting sterile compounding pharmacies for compliance with the national standard practice, USP . These webinars will be recorded and the entire series made available to State Boards of Pharmacy for future staff who could not attend the live webinar. The webinars will be offered FREE OF CHARGE to participating State Board of Pharmacy staff that have completed specific eLearning lessons.

Live Training:
  • Attend CriticalPoint’s Sterile Compounding Boot Camp which is conducted at Baxter’s STAR Center in Denver. Classes are offered in March, April, May, June, September and October.
  • Visit the website for more information on this offering which immerses participants in a real life sterile compounding experience that includes didactic sessions, hands on practicum in real cleanroom and anteroom settings as well as valuable networking opportunities.
  • This experience is offered to State Board of Pharmacy Inspectors at a discounted price of $2195 ($300 discount) plus travel. Groups of 3 or more receive an additional $100 discount per person.
Pharmacy Inspector Support Program
  • SCDat™ (Sterile Compounding Inspection Data Collection Tool): Access to the Sterile Compounding Data Collection tool to guide surveys and cue inspectors. Tool will be able to be completed on a tablet or laptop and will generate a report in PDF. This tool will take approximately 6 months to develop with a minimum of 10 states subscribing before development will begin. Please make sure to tell CriticalPoint that your state is interested in SCDat™
  • Sterile Compounding Inspector Network: State inspectors may join the member only network hosted by CIQ where inspectors can post questions to be answered by our experts. The questions must be confined to sterile compounding practices (not state-specific regulations). Questions will be answered within 1 business day of posting. A subsequent FAQ will be developed and maintained based on activity in the forum.
  • These services will be paid by each state on an annual basis depending on size (number of compounding pharmacies) on a sliding scale of $4797 to $9797*.  *These fees may decrease if many states indicate that they wish to participate.

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