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Sterile Compounding

CriticalPoint’s expertise and passion for sterile compounding excellence drives the ongoing development and revision of resources for sterile compounders.

Your Sterile Compounding Resource

CriticalPoint strives on increasing patient safety through a variety of educational offerings focusing on UPS 795, 797, and 800. Partnering with industry experts, we provide the most current and engaging training on industry standards resulting in improved competency and patient safety.

Current and future Sterile Compounding Specific products include:

  • Sterile Compounding eLearning Our Course in Sterile Compounding consists of 32 lessons (worth 34.5 hours of ACPE-approved CE for Pharmacist or Technicians). These lessons are specifically designed to teach and reinforce all of the skills required to meet the requirements of USP 797 and 800.
  • Nonsterile Compounding eLearning. CriticalPoint has expanded our eLearning offerings to include Nonsterile Compounding. The course, Best Practices and Compliance for USP<795>for Nonsterile Compounding, is written by expert instructors and includes 11 lessons and post tests that cover all aspects of USP 795 (proposed revisions).
  • Pharmacy Math Skills. This course develops fundamental math skills during 8 lessons that incorporate practical examples from pharmacy work-settings.  This offering may benefit certain pharmacists, technicians and students who need to build a sound math skills framework, essential to successful pharmacy practice.
  • Virtual Training programs that deliver high-quality, cost-effective professional development and networking opportunities.
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • CriticalPoint Webinars 
  • Publications