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Sterile Compounding Aseptics Class

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Sterile Compounding Aseptics Class

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Packaged with the Best Practices for Nonhazardous, Sterile to Sterile Compounding class, the Sterile Compounding Aseptics Class reviews basic and best work practices required for proper aseptic technique and includes Competency Verification portions such as: Critical Elements of Aseptic Technique, Hand Hygiene and Garbing and Considerations and Best Practices for Media-Fill.

This course is a requirements for the QP503A Certification.   Click here for more information on the Certification.

CriticalPoint staff will incubate personnel sampling (initial GFS, ongoing GFS, SS and MFUs) and will send participants a certificate of achievement at the conclusion of incubation if all personnel testing passes.

Attendees will receive 8 hours of home study and 4.5 hours live training.

To learn more about the faculty teaching this class, accreditation information, goals, and objectives, click here.