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How do I edit user accounts?

To begin the process, please login using your user name and password. From your home screen, click on the Administrator Menu tab which is located on the top toolbar of your screen.  On the next screen, click on the Users icon and search for your user. To edit the individual users, click on their name.  Once in the individual users profile, you can make changes to his/her account under the Profile tab.  

The Stats tab – will give you a quick overview of the eLearning statistics for that user.

The Profile tab – allows you to change any person information for this user.  You can also change their password and disable users who are no longer employed at your facility.  We do not encourage you to request users be deleted as you will lose all of their historical data once an account is deleted.

If you make any changes to the information, make sure that you click on the Save Changes tab at the bottom of the page.

If you receive an error message when saving the changes, there is required information that is missing.  This information will be identified with a Red box around the location of the error.  Please correct this error and re-enter the data changes and then click on the Save button.

Groups tab – shows you the group your user is under.

Certificates – shows what certificates your user has been awarded.