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How do I disable a user?

From your home screen, click on the Administrator Menu tab which is located on the top toolbar of your screen.  On the next screen, click on the Users icon and search for your user. To edit the individual users, click on their name.  Once in the individual user’s profile, click on Profile and then select Disabled under Status (about halfway down the page).  Then click save.  If you receive an error message when saving the changes, most likely, the profile is missing required information. It will be identified with a Red box around the missing information. Please correct this error and then click on the Save button.

Administrators will now have the option to archive user data when a user is disabled. By archiving the data, the user’s transcript will not be viewable.



If you archive data and decide you would like to be able to view the user’s transcript, you can check the box at any time. Please note, the system will process this request at 1:00 AM EST so you will not see the information until the next day.