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How do I access the post tests?

To access the post tests, Click on “My Account” in the upper left-hand side of the page and click on the post test associated with the lesson.   You may have to scroll up or down on the page to locate the post test.  Click the Go button.  On the next page, click the GO button to begin your post test.  The test will open in a separate page.  Click Next to move through the questions.  You will be asked 10-15 questions for each post test.  Once you have completed all of the questions, a screen will pop-up and ask if you are ready to submit your answers, click on the “Submit All Answers” button to process your test and view the results.  If you would like review or change your answers, you can click on the “Return to Quiz” button.  The next screen will show you your score compared with the passing score of 80%.  By clicking the “Review Quiz” button, you will have the opportunity to go back and review the questions and the correct answers.  When you are ready, click on “Finish” to post your scores and be returned to the LMS system.  Again, wait for the data to be processed then click on the link when prompted. You will be brought back to the post test information screen where you will see the results of your test.  If you did not pass, you will be able to click GO and retake the test with a different set of questions.  You can also go back and review the lesson before you attempt the test again.  To access the lesson, click on My Account at the top of the page, find the course (which may be listed under the Completed tab if you have completed all of the lessons), click on the green go button and then locate the lesson you want to access. If your eProfile # is saved in your profile, your post test will be uploaded to the CE Monitor Program upon completion on a nightly basis.  It should appear in your CPE Monitor account within a few days of completion.