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Designated Person(s) Compounding Training and Competency Certification Program

At this time, we are not offering the Designated Person(s) Certification but please check back in 2023!

Designated Person(s) Certification

First launched in 2017, the QP503A™ Certification was the first sterile compounding certification program designed to require applicants to demonstrate knowledge and skills in best practice sterile compounding. In 2021, CriticalPoint updated the QP503A Certification program to the Designated Person(s) Certification. The goal of this program is to provide an immediate opportunity for all pharmacies performing sterile compounding to train at least one individual in the common aspects of pharmacy sterile compounding. This individual would be able to oversee the development of comprehensive and detailed standard operating procedures (SOPs) and mentor, guide, and inspire others performing sterile compounding at their location. This program is intended for practitioners who are currently performing sterile compounding.



This Certification program is currently being offered in conjunction with CriticalPoint’s Best Practice for Nonhazardous Sterile-to-Sterile Compounding Class and Sterile Compounding Aseptics Class.