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Designated Person(s) Training

CriticalPoint offers designated persons training to support their requirements including expert instruction on evaluating labs and 503B facilities, creating an environmental monitoring program, and more. This program, offered multiple times a year, is six days of virtual training spread over two weeks on Best Practices for Nonhazardous Sterile-to-Sterile Compounding and Designated Person Administrative Best Practices.

The trainings deliver high-quality, cost-effective education while covering CriticalPoint’s best practices and USP requirements related to the 2022 USP <797> updates.

Participants can earn up to 33 live ACPE credits for the 6 days of training, which will include lively discussions as well as practicum learning exercises that simulate real-life work scenarios. You’ll also have access to best practice reference cards, certification references, cleaning agent charts, job aids, and more.

Prework, consisting of 16.5 hours of self-study CE courses, is required and will be assigned through CriticalPoint’s Learning Management system (LMS) once the participants have been enrolled.

Training Objectives

Build Compounding Competency & Get Best Practices on Administrative Topics – Receive a comprehensive education on nonhazardous sterile-to-sterile compounding while also receiving best practices on establishing monitoring and sampling plans for designated persons.

Drive Pharmacy Results & Quality Control – Deepen your understanding of USP chapter <797> to improve quality, compliance, and patient safety as well as receive tools to audit a sterile compounding environmental monitoring program.

Receive High-Quality Instruction From Compounding Experts – Strengthen your compounding knowledge while learning from faculty who are truly subject matter experts with qualified expertise.

Additional Training Benefits

Learn How to Choose Certifiers

Bridge Knowledge Gaps. Build competency in this specialized field and expand your professional opportunities while receiving insight on how to effectively choose labs and certifiers. 

Understand How to Evaluate 503B Outsourcers

Improve Patient Safety. Know the latest safety, quality control, and tools to manage your compounding spaces to ensure patient safety while you receive actionable insights on USP <797> best practices and compliance.

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