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Application Form – Designated Person(s) Certification

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Max file size: 8mb. Allowed file types: PDF, JPG, BMP, PNG, TXT, DOC

  • Author a published article regarding sterile compounding practice. Submit the article and the citation. Provide documentation of a change in sterile compounding practice you initiated and oversaw. Include the change, the planning and research that was required to make the change, obstacles that were encountered, and the SOP created or revised as part of the change.
  • Perform a GAP analysis of your organization and provide a legitimate plan to bring forward improvements to facilities or work practices.
  • Complete a teaching project (internal or external) on sterile compounding work practice to 10 or more individuals. Submit the PDF slide deck, learning objectives, and evaluations from participants.
  • Provide proof of completion of six CPE hours (from one or several live courses within the recertification period) obtained through sterile compounding training. Examples may include CriticalPoint’s Aseptic Training Class or Environmental Monitoring Class. Other CPE may be accepted provided it was at least six ACPE-approved credit hours and was related directly to sterile compounding. If live training presentations are not ACPE-approved, the curriculum and learning objectives must be submitted to CriticalPoint for approval.

Max file size: 8mb. Allowed file types: PDF, JPG, BMP, PNG, TXT, DOC


Application Fee: $279