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CriticalPoint Sterile and Nonsterile Compounding Offerings

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CriticalPoint strives on increasing patient safety through a variety of educational offerings focusing on UPS 795, 797, and 800. Partnering with industry experts, we provide the most current and engaging training on industry standards resulting in improved competency and patient safety.

Our Mission

Our mission is helping customers achieve a measurable state of excellence through trustworthy, time-tested, and practical compounding and patient-safety solutions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to advance compounding practices through leadership and delivery of evidence-based, best practice compounding, and patient-safety solutions.

Online Sterile Compounding eLearning

training2CriticalPoint offers a wide range of web-based training focusing on and standards and best practice. Written by the industry experts, you can be guaranteed you are receiving the best training available. Each course is continuously reviewed and updated so you can be assured you are receiving the most current information.

CriticalPoint’s engaging and interactive online training is available anytime and anywhere from any computer. In addition, each of our lessons offer ACPE – Approved continuing education credit hours for both pharmacists and technicians.

Course in Sterile Compounding

Our course in Sterile Compounding consists of 32 eLessons (worth 34.5 hours of ACPE-approved CE for Pharmacist or Technicians). These eLessons are specifically designed to teach and reinforce the skills required to meet the requirements of USP 797 and 800. Visit our website to view a complete listing of lessons and learning objectives.

Nonsterile Compounding <795> Course

CriticalPoint has expanded our eLearning offerings to include Nonsterile Compounding. The course Best Practices and Compliance for USP 795 for Nonsterile Compounding is written by expert instructors and includes 11 eLessons and post tests covering all aspects of USP 795 (proposed revisions). The course is worth 11 hours of ACPE-approved CE. Visit our website to learn more about the course.

Pharmacy Math Skills

This course develops fundamental math skills during 8 eLessons that incorporate practical examples from pharmacy work settings. This offering may benefit certain pharmacists, technicians and students who need to build a sound math skills framework, essential to successful pharmacy practice.


The web-based curriculum will ensure participants acquire a comprehensive understanding of how and why 503B practice evolved. These eLessons also summarize each of the FDA draft and final guidances so that learners know where to seek guidance for 503B practice.

*Additional discounts offered to facilities with multiple users. For more information, please fill out our contact form and a sales representative will be in touch. 

Virtual Live Training

Save money and avoid time away from work and your family! You can now receive the same engaging, detailed, and practical lectures and discussions we have at the CriticalPoint Center for Training and Research virtually.

Available Live vCourses

  • Best Practices for Nonhazardous Sterile-to-Sterile Compounding
  • Best Practices for Handling Hazardous Drugs

New Enhancement to our 2021 Virtual Training

  • New Labs that provide more hands-on training and interaction between attendees and instructors
  • Standard Operating Procedures — Sterile Compounding Facility Management
  • Download folder includes more resources and additional Job Aids

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Are you Looking for Hands-On Training?

Returning in Fall 2021

Don’t miss your opportunity to be taught in a State-of-the-Art Cleanroom Facility by the Best in the Business!

CCTR Classroom a

Held at the CriticalPoint Center for Training and Research Facility (CCTR) in Totowa, NJ, the Sterile Compounding Boot Camp® Live Training Series is comprised of a number of training programs designed to deliver high-quality, cost-effective professional development and networking opportunities that provide attendees with information they can immediately apply in their work setting to improve compounding quality and patient safety. We believe that the best way for pharmacists and other compounding professionals to understand and implement current standards of practice is to be immersed in a setting that provides access to a comprehensive curriculum in a real-life setting with hands-on practice mentored by faculty who are true subject matter experts.

The CriticalPoint Sterile Compounding Boot Camp Live Training Series includes the following classes:

  • Best Practices for Nonhazardous, Sterile to Sterile Compounding
  • Best Practices for Handling Hazardous Drugs
  • Best Practices for Environmental Monitoring
  • Sterile Compounding Aseptics Class (with “Best Practices for Nonhazardous, Sterile to Sterile Compounding” as part of the QP503A Certification)

Enter CPRX21 when you register for any of our Live Training classes to receive an additional $100 discount on top of the early-bird discount!

Peer Network

CriticalPoint Peer Network is an online resource that will provide access to the very latest information, tools, and resources related to sterile compounding. The Peer Network will allow you to search our “Frequently Asked Questions” database as well as “Ask an Expert” forum where you can post questions and view responses to other inquiries from your peers. Additionally, by joining the Peer Network you will have access to other resources, such as Pearls of Knowledge, webinars, instructional videos, featured articles, white papers and more that are available now in one central Best Practices Compounding clearinghouse. You can choose from a subscription level that best suits your needs and upgrade at any time.

Try out the Peer Network Gold Subscription free for 30 days by signing up at

Model Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)


Detailed standard operating procedures are the foundation of robust sterile and nonsterile compounding practice. When written properly, they should tell the reader exactly what to do as well as why, where, when and how to perform the activity.

CriticalPoint has developed of a set of template policies, procedures, and accompanying documentation forms (together referred to as the SOPs). They are effective in establishing robust operating procedures that ensure patient safety.

These detailed procedures and forms reflect not only guidance to foster achievement of compliance with Chapter 795, 797, and 800 but with aseptic processing best practices as well. They are continually refined and updated to reflect regulatory changes (like Chapter 797 and Chapter 800 revisions). They are consistent with the CriticalPoint eLearning Training while providing more specific “how to” detail in regard to process as well as documentation. The SOPs can be harmonized to match the actual working conditions of your compounding facility and practice.

The entire Sterile Compounding Complete Set can be purchased HERE for $3995.

The entire Nonsterile Compounding Complete Set can be purchased HERE for $2995.


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