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FAQs – General LMS Questions

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Can I merge two existing accounts?

Unfortunately, we are unable to merge accounts. If you believe that you already have an account but do not remember your username or password, please contact customer support at

If you have transferred to a new facility that uses CriticalPoint, please email customer support and we can move your account under your new facility. You do not need to create a new account.

How do I view my lessons in the CriticalPoint LMS?

First, log into the CriticalPoint LMS site.  Click the Log In icon in the top right-hand corner and enter your username and password.  Then click the “login” button. After logging in, you will be brought to the home screen where you will see your account information.  The Learning Activities section on the right-hand side will show any Courses that you are enrolled in and need to complete as well as any courses that you have completed in the last 30 days.  After the 30 days, the course will be moved under the Review and Expired section. Expired courses will also appear under the Review and Expired section.

The Progress tab will show you how far along you are in completing the individual lesson.  If the tab is completely green and you see a green check mark next to the name of the Course, you have completed that lesson.  For more detail on the lessons you have completed, you can click on the My Transcript icon. The due date is one month before the expiration date.

Click on the green GO button to launch the Course.

Does your system submit CEs to the CE Broker?

No, you will need to submit your CEs manually to the CE Broker.  All of the information required for the CE Broker can be found in your CPE Monitor transcript.

Can I access the lesson and post test from an iPad or tablet?

At this time, our lessons and post tests must be viewed from a laptop or desktop computer. They will not load properly on a tablet or iPad. Additionally, they may cause the post test to incorrectly score your answers.

Why am I receiving an error message when I update my account?

Your eProfile number, birth MM/DD and job role are now required fields in your profile.  This information must be entered in order to save your account.  Click on the My Profile icon and scroll to the bottom of the screen where you will find the tabs to enter this information.  Once you have entered your eProfile information, click Save Changes.  This will ensure your CEs are submitted to the CPE Monitor.

Why am I not receiving password reset emails from the LMS?

It is possible that your facility has blocked the automatic password reset notifications. Please check with your IT department to confirm that emails from on behalf of are coming through and are not being white listed. In the meantime, please contact your administrator to have them reset your password or you can send an email to and we can reset your password.

How do I create a new account with a registration code?

You will need to have received an email with your Group’s Registration Code. If you have not received this information, please check with your administrator or email Customer Support or call at 973-256-6500.

To begin, please go to ( for Simplifi users) and click on the Log In box located in the top right-hand corner. Select register here under “To create an account, register here.” Once the pop-up screen appears, you will need to fill in the forms with your information. The forms with a red asterisk indicate that information is required. The registration code that you received from your administrator should be entered in the Registration Code form. Make sure that it is typed exactly how it was in the email or you will need to contact your supervisor or CriticalPoint to get enrolled. It is required that you fill in the eProfile #, along with your birth month and date to ensure your CE activity will be submitted to the CPE Monitor program. After you have completed the form and read the “User Agreement,” click the “I Agree” button at the bottom of the page. To complete the process, click on Create Account.  *Please note it may take 1-2 minutes for the Courses to appear in your account.

Why aren’t my CEs in my CPE Monitor?

There are two reasons why your CEs aren’t being processed by the CPE Monitor.

  1. Your account does not have your eProfile #, Birth Month/Day or Job Role listed or that information is incorrect.  Without this information, the system cannot process your CEs correctly.  Please update your profile with that information by clicking on My Profile.  Enter in the appropriate information and click Save.
  2. You have already received CE for the lesson.  Our CEs are valid for two years and you can only receive CE one time during that period (April 2021-July 2022).  For example, if you received CE in April 2021, you won’t receive the CE again in April 2022.

If your account was missing your eProfile information or the system didn’t process your CEs, please email and we will resubmit your CEs to the CPE Monitor.  Please allow 5 business days for them to be processed and appear in your transcript.

Why aren’t my lessons working correctly?

If you are using Internet Explorer and notice that your lessons or post tests are missing letters or not accepting your score, please try launching them in a different browser.   CriticalPoint recommends using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox to view the lessons and post tests.  If you have to use Internet Explorer, please make sure that you are using the latest version (Internet Explorer 11) and your Flash Player is updated. We also recommend that you clear your browser history and caches periodically.

If you find that you are still having issues, you can perform a system test to confirm your browser and internet are set up correctly.  You can perform this test by clicking on System Test in the lower left-hand corner and then clicking Test My Workstation.





How do I update my current account profile?

You can make any changes or updates to your profile by clicking on My Profile (This is the person icon).  This will take you to your profile where all of your account information is stored. This will launch a pop-up screen where you can update all of your personal information.  Click Save Changes.

How do I create a NABP e-Profile ID?

If you have not yet created your eProfile # in the CPE Monitor program, please visit the NABP website.   You can also click on the CPE Monitor tab at the top of your home page in the LMS.  You must make sure you have this information in your account before you take any of the post-tests.

How do I access my lessons?

Choose the course that you would like to begin under your learning activities and click on the green GO button to the right of the course name. The next screen will list the lesson and the post test for that course.  You must complete both the lesson and the post test in order to complete the course and receive continuing education.  Click on the green Go button to launch the lesson or post test.  Once you have reached the end of the lesson or post test, click the Next or Submit button.  You will see a screen that says Processing Data.  Do not close, click the back button or refresh the screen while this screen is active.  The system is processing your activity to post back to your account.  Once the data is processed, you will see another screen that shows your data has been saved. Click the link to return to the lessons screen. You will now see that the status of the lesson has been changed to Completed, provided that you finished the lesson or post test and did not skip any sections.

How do I access the post tests?

To access the post tests, Click on “My Account” in the upper left-hand side of the page and click on the post test associated with the lesson.   You may have to scroll up or down on the page to locate the post test.  Click the Go button.  On the next page, click the GO button to begin your post test.  The test will open in a separate page.  Click Next to move through the questions.  You will be asked 10-15 questions for each post test.  Once you have completed all of the questions, a screen will pop-up and ask if you are ready to submit your answers, click on the “Submit All Answers” button to process your test and view the results.  If you would like review or change your answers, you can click on the “Return to Quiz” button.  The next screen will show you your score compared with the passing score of 80%.  By clicking the “Review Quiz” button, you will have the opportunity to go back and review the questions and the correct answers.  When you are ready, click on “Finish” to post your scores and be returned to the LMS system.  Again, wait for the data to be processed then click on the link when prompted. You will be brought back to the post test information screen where you will see the results of your test.  If you did not pass, you will be able to click GO and retake the test with a different set of questions.  You can also go back and review the lesson before you attempt the test again.  To access the lesson, click on My Account at the top of the page, find the course (which may be listed under the Completed tab if you have completed all of the lessons), click on the green go button and then locate the lesson you want to access. If your eProfile # is saved in your profile, your post test will be uploaded to the CE Monitor Program upon completion on a nightly basis.  It should appear in your CPE Monitor account within a few days of completion.

How do I print my transcript?

Login using your user name and password.  Once you are in your home screen, click on the My Transcript icon (it looks like a folder).  This will pull information on all of the courses you have taken and completed/passed.  You will see the course name, the status of the course, the date the course was completed, the individual lesson within the course and the lesson status.  For the post tests, you will see whether or not you passed and your score. This screen can be printed by clicking on the printer icon on the top right hand side of the page.  The transcript will use your local workstation printer to complete the process.