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CriticalPoint’s subject matter experts share information in a variety of ways.

Designing training that pays dividends. . .

  • Webinars
  • Virtual training
  • eLearning

Do you spend a lot of time retraining? Are you still having the same issues? Or, do you have new initiatives, processes, or information that must be effectively and efficiently incorporated into your organization’s culture? If so, consider letting CriticalPoint assist you.

Effective training must be planned and clearly linked to workplace outcomes. Training must be performance-based…meaning not focused on merely learning information but focused on learners’ ability to use that information to change the decisions they make and how they act in the work setting.

CriticalPoint can help you create engaging training programs, whether delivered by webinar, eLesson, or a live virtual training. What is most important though, and what sets CriticalPoint apart is that CriticalPoint will assist you to develop specific strategies you will use after the training has occurred to make sure that the transfer of training occurs at your organization. This step is often ignored. Most assume that the application of the new knowledge and skills learned in the training will occur organically in the workplace but it just doesn’t.

We will plan reflective practice and other exercises that you will use to “cement” the learning for your staff resulting in a measurable change in performance and real return on your training investment.

Click here to view a custom course designed to run on one of our customer’s websites. They used this to instruct nurses how to use one of their products.

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