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CriticalPoint Receives Highest Customer Satisfaction Scores Among Compounding Training Providers

Pharmacy Purchasing & Products magazine recently released the 2009 State of Pharmacy Compounding survey which reveals that CriticalPoint has made a strong entrance into the pharmacy compounding training scene.  All survey participants, more than 260 pharmacy directors from a balanced cross-section of hospitals nationwide, rated CriticalPoint as either Excellent (45 percent) or Good (55 percent).   None of the other training providers received an Excellent score above 15 percent.


Since introducing its web-based training in early 2007, more than 800 pharmacy compbounding facilities worldwide have made CriticalPoint e-learning available to their staff.  More than 6,000 pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and nurses, have earned a total of 35,000 hours of Continuing Education (CE) credits.

According to the survey, CriticalPoint’s market share has jumped from just one percent  in 2008 to 9 percent in 2009.  Peter Cantor, VP of CriticalPoint e-learning, attributes the success to several factors.  “CriticalPoint e-learning is what we might call a soft sell.  When our customers see the list of experts who are behind the content, view some samples of our interactive materials, and then understand our value proposition in terms of cost and time spent on training, we don’t have to resort to any kind of sales pitch,” says Peter.

Eric S. Kastango of ClinicalIQ, LLC is one of the subject matter experts behind the e-learning and a partner of CriticalPoint, LLC believes that there are additional reasons for the success.  “We take the new USP 797 standards and related policies and procedures very seriously.  That is why we apply a modern competencies-based e-learning methodology to ensure that practitioners can demonstrate their knowledge transfer and proficiency  annually within a learning management system.  What we see out in day-to-day practice, having employees gather in a cafeteria around an outdated VHS video tape or DVD or distributing printed materials without any ability to verify either learning or changes in behavior is not an optimal method of employee development.”

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