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The Virtual Compounder

The Virtual Compounder

An engaging way to demonstrate and reinforce the required skills

CriticalPoint’s unique The Virtual Compounder® modules supplement key areas of your USP Chapter <797> training program. Expert authors have identified ten compounding skills that require specific process steps to be performed properly for effectiveness. Each module includes one hour of ACPE-approved CE credit.

The topics include:

  • Personnel Garbing
  • Cleaning Solution Preparation
  • Cleaning the Primary Engineering Controls (Laminar Flow Workbench, Compounding Aseptic Isolator, Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolator, and Biological Safety Cabinet) (4 modules)
  • Monthly and Daily Cleaning (2 modules)
  • Hazardous Drug Spill Cleanup
  • Volumetric Air Sampling

The Virtual Compounder® engages users to direct pharmacy personnel on the screen to perform process steps, learning and building competency in a simulated environment. This approach improves subject retention versus a single-method learning approach.

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