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Sterile Compounding Aseptics Class

Sterile Compounding Aseptics Class

CriticalPoint, the industry leader in sterile compounding and custom E-learning programs has expanded its training efforts to include a live training program titled: Sterile Compounding Aseptics Class.

Attendees will receive 13.5 hours of Continuing Education Hours (5 hours of home study and 8.5 hours live training).


The course reviews basic and best work practices required for proper aseptic technique and includes Competency Verification portions such as: Hand Hygiene and Garbing Competency with one instance of the initial Glove Fingertip Sampling (GFS); Aseptic Technique Competency; preparation of Media Fill Units (MFUs), ongoing GFS and Surface Sampling (SS). Combined with lecture and labs, students receive hands-on training that is applicable to real work settings.

Topics Covered in Training:

  • Elements of proper conduct in controlled environments, staging and material handling and organization of work area
  • Correct use of first air in both vertical and horizontal airflows
  • Access and manipulation of syringes, needles, ampules, vials, bags and other compounding supplies
  • Correct sequence of hand hygiene and garbing activities
  • Discussion of rationale, nuances and requirements for media fill testing outlined in USP <797>
  • Examination of media samples that can be used to develop media fill testing procedures

 Hands-on Labs:

  • Hand Hygiene and Garbing
  • Aseptic Compounding Exercises
  • Preparation and labeling of plates and documentation for gloved fingertip sampling (GFS), surface sampling (SS) during compounding and media fill unit (MFU) preparation
  • Hand Hygiene and Garbing Competency with one instance of the initial GFS
  • Aseptic Technique Competency with Preparation of Media Fill Units
  • One instance of ongoing GFS and SS taken during compounding
  • Positive, Negative and Alternating Pressure Compounding

eLearning Training:

  • Overview of Quality and Responsibilities of Compounding Personnel
  • Proper Material Handling
  • Use of Syringes, Needles, Vials, Ampules and Filters
  • Aseptic Technique and Conduct in Controlled Environments
  • Sterile Compounding on Patient Units (for nursing and medical staff)

CriticalPoint staff will incubate personnel sampling (initial GFS, ongoing GFS, SS and MFUs) and will send participants a certificate of achievement at the conclusion of incubation if all personnel testing passes.