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Advanced Sterile Compounding eLearning

Advanced Sterile Compounding eLearning

All courses support the latest USP  <797> updates!

CriticalPoint’s Advanced Sterile Compounding eLearning offers affordable, high-quality education, focused on expanding experienced compounders knowledge related to more complex sterile compounding practices with 7.5 hours of ACPE-accredited compounding CE.

What makes this eLearning best-in-class?

  • Build your team’s sterile compounding knowledge and meet USP and regulatory requirements with courses written by compounding experts
  • Schedule role-based learning pathways based on experience and needs 
  • Pharmacists and technicians can use the courses to meet license renewal requirements, and become familiar with sterile compounding practices 
  • Access CE Organizer to track your progress toward meeting license requirements, with the ability to add completions from other providers 
  • Complete at your own pace that fits with your schedule and budget with online access from any device, any time 
Receive 7.5 hours of accredited CE, including:
  • Determining USP 797 Beyond-Use-Dating (1 hour of CE)
  • Viable Air and Surface Sampling (0.5 hours of CE)
  • Investigation and Remediation of Viable Environmental Monitoring and Personnel Sampling Excursions (1 hour of CE)
  • Best Practices for Mixing Outside of ISO-Classified Conditions, USP 797 (1 hour of CE)
  • Sterility Testing Requirements of USP Chapters 71 and 797 (1 hour of CE)
  • Bacterial Endotoxin Testing for sterile Compounding (1 hour of CE)
  • Steam and Dry-Heat Sterilization Methods, USP 797 (1 hour of CE)
  • Sterilization by Filtration of USP Chapters 71 and 797 (1 Hour of CE)

Get 12 months of access for $159.