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CISCI Certification: Recertification Requirements

With the Postponement of USP 797, CriticalPoint and NABP have decided to modify the CISCI recertification requirements for those with certifications expiring in 2021. Please follow these steps if you wish to recertify. Upon successful completion of these steps, your CISCI recertification will be valid through December 31, 2022.

We decided to “extend” these certifications during this period of uncertainty while maintaining some requirements. Applicants are still required to demonstrate proof of employment with their state board of pharmacy. Since all of the sterile compounding eCurriculum (except for hazardous drug eLessons) have been updated within the last 6 months, we will require completion of the entire eCurriculum to secure an extended certification date.

**For those who have already completed the recertification requirements, your certificate will remain valid for 3 years.**

Step 1: Download the Attestation Form which must be completed. In the Attestation form, the Applicant’s work supervisor confirms continued employment with the Board of Pharmacy and attests that the applicant continues to conduct sterile compounding Licensee inspections.

Step 2: Visit the CriticalPoint CISCI Recertification Application page and complete the following:

  • CISCI Recertification Application to provide some basic demographic and contact information.
  • Upload the completed Attestation Form.
  • Pay the $60 recertification fee.

Step 3: Within 5 business days of uploading this material, CriticalPoint will load the required SCIT eLearning into the applicant’s CriticalPoint LMS account.

Applicants will have until December 31st to complete the entire eLearning Curriculum (30 lessons) required for CISCI recertification.  These lessons need to be completed between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021 to ensure inspectors are taking the newest eCurriculum available.  Lessons completed before January 1st will not be accepted.

Step 4: Email CriticalPoint ( with a copy of your transcript, highlighting the lessons that you completed for the recertification.

Step 5: Once we have received confirmation that all of the eLessons have been completed, a CISCI Recertification Certificate will be loaded into the applicant’s account.  This certificate will be valid until December 31, 2022.

If you have any questions about the recertification process, please contact Customer Support at

Updated February 2021