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Sterile Compounding Boot Camp Vendors

These vendors have partnered with CriticalPoint to offer their products for the Sterile Compounding Boot Camp participants to experience.

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Sterile Compounding Boot Camp™ Vendors

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These vendors have partnered with CriticalPoint to offer their products for the Sterile Compounding Boot Camp™ participants to experience. Among these are:

Ansell is a global leader in protection solutions. Headquartered in Iselin, NJ, 11,000 employees across 42 countries design and manufacture innovative products relied on by millions of consumers, workers, first responders and healthcare professionals. The Ansell vision is to create a world where people enjoy optimal protection against the risks to which they are exposed by delivering safety, peace of mind and performance with unmatched quality, comfort and technology. This vision is delivered by the Ansell core brand products, from the HyFlex®, AlphaTec®, TouchNTuff®, ActivArmr®, Projex®, VersaTouch®, Trellchem® and Viking product lines.

BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)
BD is a global medical technology company focused on improving drug therapy, enhancing the diagnosis of infectious diseases and advancing drug discovery. BD manufactures and sells medical supplies, devices, laboratory instruments, antibodies, reagents and diagnostic products through its three segments: BD Medical, BD Diagnostics and BD Biosciences. It serves healthcare institutions, life science researchers, clinical laboratories, industry and the general public.

Bioscience International
Bioscience SAS viable air monitors are used globally for ensuring compliance with the strictest ISO, EU and USP guidelines for environmental monitoring. Clients include NIH, NASA, leading hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry.

Clinical IQ™
Founded in 1999, ClinicalIQ, LLC, is a privately held consulting company based in Florham Park, New Jersey. It is led by Eric Kastango, MBA, RPh, FASHP, President and CEO, who is an expert in many areas of the pharmacy industry, but particularly in USP Chapter <797> processes.

Contec, Inc.
Contec, Inc., an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, is a leading manufacturer of contamination control products for critical manufacturing environments worldwide. Contec products are used in various industries across the globe- biomedical, pharmaceutical, medical device, microelectronics, optics, semiconductor, data storage, automotive OEM, and aerospace. Our extensive product line for cleanrooms includes knitted, woven and nonwoven wipes, presaturated wipes, sterile and non-sterile wipes, mopping systems, wall washing systems, disinfectants, sponges, and swabs.

CriticalPoint, LLC offers a series of interactive Web-based training for compounding sterile preparation to assist you in meeting your overall quality assurance program. CriticalPoint, LLC also offers a full line of project management services to assist you in creating your own line of web-based and software applications. With more than 10 years of experience in creating pharmacy based training and educational products for the Web, CD, or Video/DVD, CriticalPoint, LLC can help you take your idea and make it come alive.

Germfree specializes in the production of USP <797> and NIOSH compliant all-stainless steel unidirectional laminar airflow equipment for hospital, pharmacy and oncology use.

Institute for Safe Medication Practices
The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), based in suburban Philadelphia, is the nation’s only 501c (3) nonprofit organization devoted entirely to medication error prevention and safe medication use. ISMP represents over 35 years of experience in helping healthcare practitioners keep patients safe, and continues to lead efforts to improve the medication use process. The organization is known and respected worldwide as the premier resource for impartial, timely, and accurate medication safety information.

IsoTech Design
IsoTech Design specializes in the Design, Marketing and Manufacturing of USP 797 , OSHA & NIOSH compliant Clean Air Solutions such as compounding aseptic isolators, compounding aseptic containment isolators, modular clean rooms and clean air work stations for the sterile and chemo compounding in the hospitals and pharmacies.

Labconco provides laboratory equipment including chemical fume hoods, HEPA-filtered safety cabinets, carbon-filtered and laboratory animal enclosures, laboratory glassware washers, glove boxes, water pruification, evaporation, and freeze dry systems, centrifugal concentrators, cold traps, Kjeldahl, fat and crude fiber apparatus, blood drawing chairs, digital chloridometers, density gradient fractionators, vacuum desiccators, carts and benches.

NuAire, Inc.
NuAire, Inc. makers of biological safety cabinets, CO2 water jacketed incubators, laminar Air Flow equipment, ultralow freezers and Pharmacy Isolators.

Simplifi 797 by Pharmacy OneSource
The first and only web-based quality control system with integrated expert rules of Eric S. Kastango, RPh, MBA, FASHP that simplifies all of the ongoing quality requirements of USP Chapter <797>.

The Baker Company
For over five decades, The Baker Company has been supplying pharmacies with the most reliable and high-performing clean benches, biological safety cabinets and isolators to protect patients and pharmacy personnel.

TSI Incorporated
TSI Incorporated designs and manufacturers precision instruments used to measure flow, particles and other key parameters. TSI Particle Counters, Air Velocity Meters and Capture Hoods are used worldwide to certify critical clean areas.