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CriticalPoint Center for Training and Research

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Opened in early 2015, the CriticalPoint Center for Training and Research is conveniently located in Northern New Jersey and is easily accessible from major highways and a short 30 minute drive from the Newark Liberty International Airport.

The cleanroom complex was originally designed and built in compliance with USP Chapter <797> and housed a licensed pharmacy and registered FDA entity. The 5200 square foot facility includes the following features:

  • Two (2) 300 square foot positive pressure ISO Class 7 cleanrooms
  • One (1) 90 square foot positive pressure ISO Class 8 anteroom
  • Access to a weight bearing deck above the ISO classified areas to view the controls from above the ceiling
  • One (1) 100 square foot negative pressure Containment Segregated Compounding Area (C-SCA) with 12 ACPH
  • A large variety of positive and negative pressure engineering controls
  • Non ISO classified prep area for instruction on labeling; hand hygiene, incubation, etc.
  • Main classroom seats 30 and contains 4 primary engineering controls for demonstrations and state of the art audio-visual equipment
  • Two (2) additional smaller classrooms
  • Facility is equipped with remote mini cameras placed in strategic locations inside hoods, isolators and classrooms which can be viewed from any of the classrooms or even remotely
  • Kitchen equipped for student buffets

CriticalPoint utilizes the facility for a variety of live training classes that are either currently offered or are in development such as: Sterile Compounding Boot Camp, Aseptics Training, Hazardous Drug Compounding, High Risk Compounding, Critical Requirements of 503B Entities and Cleanroom Design and Build. It will also house the curriculum development team responsible for all of the CriticalPoint training vehicles (eLearning, live training and webinars).

Part of the ISO Classified areas will be maintained as an active sterile compounding buffer area with completion of the required environmental sampling and facility maintenance activities to achieve and ensure an ongoing state of microbial control. In these areas, CriticalPoint will be performing a variety of sterile compounding related research and development and is currently entertaining potential research partners.